Certified Woman’s Breast WellCare Massage

What is it?


Women’s Wellcare Breast therapy is an effective ‘wellness’ treatment for breasts. Breasts particularly need good circulation and tissue mobilization for optimum health. Poor circulation can produce various uncomfortable symptoms. Breast scarring (surgically and traumatically induced), which is more common than we often realize, can cause painful syndromes and obstruct blood and lymph flow.
Since breast tissue is well-supplied with lymphatics but lack sources of external compression (such as muscles or strong overlying fascia) to promote the natural lymphatic drainage found in most other body tissues, fluid has a predisposition to accumulate in the breast. The light-touch of a breast specific lymphatic drainage therapy provides an gentle and comforting solution to fluid retention.

How it can help you!


Woman’s WellCare massage is a very gentle mix of lymphatic massage and slow palpation of the breast tissue to release congestion. This detox and lymphatic is a very specific treatment for breast massage therapy includes the back, neck, abdomen, chest and breasts and is about a 60 minutes.

Some believe there may be a correlation between chronic poor breast drainage and susceptibility to malignancy. Woman’s WellCare massage uses clinically proven breast massage therapy and hydrotherapy  techniques are of the most effective modalities for addressing such problems and promoting breast health.

Many women need more help becoming comfortable with breast self-examination than they receive in their doctors’ offices. Some have traumatic histories and need assistance achieving a sense of normalcy about their breasts and the types of touch involved in seeing to their care.



From “Breast Massage Deserves Attention” by Debra Curties, RMT in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, June/July 2001

The Benefits of Lymphatic Breast Massage
Relieves Breast Pain & Tenderness
Assists in Recovery from Breast Injuries
Relieves PMS Related Tenderness
Promotes Comfort & Breast Health in Pregnancy
Comforts & Support while Breastfeeding
Post-Surgical Care
Speeds Healing
Lessens Scar Formation
Aids in Prevention of Capsular Contracture after Implant Surgery
May Help Resolve Benign Conditions
Increases Comfort & Helps Maintain Posture
Opens the Chest
Provides More Supple, Lighter Feeling
Promotes Proactive Breast Health
Increases Circulation and Lymph Drainage
Assists in Breast Health Monitoring
Places Emphasis on Breast Health, Not Disease

Effective during Pregnancy


Women’s Well Care Breast Massage therapy is also effective with Breast Feeding or Pregnancy Issues:

Sore nipples (transient or chronic)
Inflammation or infection: mastedeneitis, mastitis, yeast infection, infected Montgomery gland, etc
Milk stasis: plugged duct, filled duct, plugged nipple pore
Bruise, wound (nipples aereola, breast), fissures, ulceration, hemorrhages
Dermatitis: eczema, psoriasis
Stretch marks

Common disorders reported by woman


One of the most common disorders reported by women is referred to as fibro-cystic breast disorder.

The word disease is a misnomer unlike chronic illness, fibro-cystic breast disorder is not a disease at all, but actually a condition that is quite reversible. The body simply must be stimulated to process the fibrous tissue through its normal eliminative channels. Many women panic when they discover any unnatural-feeling tissue in their breasts, but usually these fears are unwarranted. Most of the women with cystic, fibrous, lumpy or mass-filled breasts find that the tissues are benign. Wellcare Breast Massage therapy is effective in reducing or softening fibrous tissues within the breast.

Breast well care massage may also be included as part of any other bodywork



Breast well care massage may also be included as part of any other bodywork sessions.

Breast Massage therapy is never automatically included in any massage therapy session.
Before proceeding with any Women’s Wellcare Breast Massage therapy, we discuss breast massage therapy expected benefits, procedures and draping options.