Reviews for Carefree massage therapy in Cave Creek!

Giva S:

Chuck is an intuitive, caring, professional therapist, with a big heart! He listens to you and your body, and he applies a number of modalities during his massage and uses just the perfect pressure to help you feel rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed. His massages are amazing!   Amazing  results.

Eliana’s Experience from Cave Creek:

"The massage helps me in Presence Moment Awareness.  This is partly because I do not have to worry about the pressure being too intense.  I think that I am better able to release emotional charges that are present in muscles, which is what happened during the last massage.  All of this is so free-ing.  I felt great all weekend.  And now.  Thank you for your skillful touch”.  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

Valeska from Scottsdale:

This is the place to go for healing. Atmosphere is serene and calm. The massage therapist, Chuck, has a peaceful and content vibe. He is professional, passionate about his work, and a true healer. You will get a personalized and caring treatment. If you enjoy energy healing, he is also amazing at this. OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

MCL from Cave Creek:

"I have been to lots of spas and massage studios, resort style, independent and chain, locally and in other parts of the country, and they don't compare to the atmosphere, professionalism and level of quality service that Chuck Peck provides. His studio and location is intimate, private, quiet, comfortable and relaxed; his massage is customized, personal and therapeutic at multiple levels. Chuck is open, honest, best-in-class at his craft, his trade, his gift. I was immediately comfortable upon meeting him. I loved that his place of business was off the beaten path, making everything even more personal. If you're serious about your health and relaxation, about taking your mind and body, both physically and mentally to a higher plain, call Chuck Peck, I'm so glad that I did. Chuck was everything I never knew I was looking for in a massage/ spa service and more. You won't be disappointed.”  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

Stephanie L:

“Massage therapy is a regular component of my wellness routine so, being new to the area, I knew exactly what style and specific techniques I was looking for. Even after having only one appointment so far, it's obvious that Chuck is a highly skilled therapist with the experience to be able to tailor the treatment to the individual. Booked my next massage before I left. I won't be needing to look any further.”

Helene in New River:

"Having reached the mature(?) age of 75, I finally deiced to book my very first massage with Chuck Peck, at Carefree Services Massage.  To this day,  my enthusiasm has not waned: the experience leaves me with a deep sense of "better-being" . Chuck is attentive to your aches and pains will address them while his healing hands lead you to a profound relaxation . It will convince you that you are not spoiling yourself with a massage: you are actually taking care of yourself. In a most serene surrounding with soothing sounds, each massage has been extremely rewarding.  Try it, you will like it!”  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

RG in Cave Creek posted this on Yelp:

I was searching for a relaxing massage. I didn't want to go to a salon or resort. Always want to support small local business.

I found Chuck Peck/Carefree Services Massage on Yelp.  After reading through Chucks informative website I knew he was going to be what I was looking for.   I reached out to Chuck via email and received a response quickly. My appointment was scheduled only a few days after emailing Chuck. 

Chuck is wonderful. He explained the service. I was extremely comfortable. He is very knowledgable and caring.  His office is very comfy and very clean.  I felt great after my massage. 

Chuck is a true healer. I am so glad to have found someone who can help with my pain.  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★ 

Doris from Scottsdale

Chuck was highly recommended to me and I am so glad.  I'm almost 74 and had never had a massage before.  My lower back was really hurting me and I was desperate.  Chuck to the rescue!  I am very comfortable with him, he is knowledgeable, caring, skilled and an all around good guy.  He listens to what is bothering me and works deeply on that area.  He is definitely experienced and has even recommended several exercises for me do at home between visits.  I am walking and sleeping so much better.  I wish I hadn't waited so long.  Doris from Scottsdale.

MO, Cave Creek, here's what she said

"I can’t speak more highly of the Massage experience that Chuck has introduced me to. Chuck is a warm and kind person who truly cares that your body issues are addressed properly. The experience is bliss. I have found myself falling asleep, which I don’t like to do because I want to experience the massage to it’s fullest, but the relaxation that Chuck provides is the ultimate. 

    Sometimes I really need more than just relaxation when I’m stressed and hurting in a specific area, he will work it out and puts the pressure on. And that feels great too.   

     All I can say is that when I am done with one of our sessions, I like to go home, curl up and read a good book. Relaxation of the body and the soul. Thanks Chuck, you’re the best!”  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

Marty , Anthem, AZ, here's what he said:

"As a fellow massage therapist, I can tell you that Chuck is the real deal.  If you are looking for someone to listen to your needs and make them happen, then give Chuck a call and set up an appointment. He will not disappoint you and he has some of the most reasonable rates around.  Skip those massage chains and go to someone who has great skills and is client focused”.  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

BS, Desert Hills, here's what she said:

"When I first started seeing Chuck, I was suffering from chronic pain in my knees, back, shoulders, and neck that was the result of various old injuries.  His analysis also discovered that my right shoulder was significantly lower than my left.  He created a treatment plan for me that included massage, stretching, and also postural habits and exercises for me to perform on my own.  I no longer suffer from chronic pain and my posture has improved significantly.  His technique is not only extremely relaxing, but very therapeutic, too!  I recommend him to anyone looking to relieve stress, pain, or just plain relax”.  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

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