HD from Cave Creek:

"After countless massage experiences with Chuck, I can only say that it is getting better and better: I feel totally at ease, in trust, and get relief as Chuck addresses in depth the areas of discomfort.” OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

MCL from Cave Creek:

"I have been to lots of spas and massage studios, resort style, independent and chain, locally and in other parts of the country, and they don't compare to the atmosphere, professionalism and level of quality service that Chuck Peck provides. His studio and location is intimate, private, quiet, comfortable and relaxed; his massage is customized, personal and therapeutic at multiple levels. Chuck is open, honest, best-in-class at his craft, his trade, his gift. I was immediately comfortable upon meeting him. I loved that his place of business was off the beaten path, making everything even more personal. If you're serious about your health and relaxation, about taking your mind and body, both physically and mentally to a higher plain, call Chuck Peck, I'm so glad that I did. Chuck was everything I never knew I was looking for in a massage/ spa service and more. You won't be disappointed.”  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★


"I was hoping for more deep tissue but that cupping technique is on point! I woke up pain free this morning this first time in three weeks! My right hip is still a little tight but you sir are truly gifted! Every thing works better this morning… Lanny”  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

Sandy S:

"I have had massages for years, but never as effective and professional as Chuck is. I have neck and back issues and he introduced me to cupping along with the massage. It was amazing bringing blood flow to the tissue in my neck/back. It truly heals it much quicker than massage alone. Chuck is a very kind man and really cares about his clients.”  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

Eliana’s Experience from Cave Creek:

"The massage helps me in Presence Moment Awareness.  This is partly because I do not have to worry about the pressure being too intense.  I think that I am better able to release emotional charges that are present in muscles, which is what happened during the last massage.  All of this is so free-ing.  I felt great all weekend.  And now.  Thank you for your skillful touch”.  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

Helene in New River:

"Having reached the mature(?) age of 75, I finally deiced to book my very first massage with Chuck Peck, at Carefree Services Massage.  To this day,  my enthusiasm has not waned: the experience leaves me with a deep sense of "better-being" . Chuck is attentive to your aches and pains will address them while his healing hands lead you to a profound relaxation . It will convince you that you are not spoiling yourself with a massage: you are actually taking care of yourself. In a most serene surrounding with soothing sounds, each massage has been extremely rewarding.  Try it, you will like it!”  OVERALL EXPERIENCE: ★★★★★

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